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Updated: Jun 6, 2018

by Tina Craig

.Last month I landed in Hong Kong and went straight to rehearsals for the Facebook and Instagram Luxury Summit. How did I manage not to look a hot mess even though I️ felt like one? My in-flight beauty routine. It may seem complicated at first but start with one roller, a few key products and you will get addicted to how your skin looks.


I alternate between 3 rollers (hello, it’s 16.5 hours non-stop and I need variety 😂):

1. The odd looking ReFa roller ($160) is great for defining jawline and massaging the delicate eye area. Apply Fresh Beauty Creme Ancienne eye serum ($165) and eye cream($125) before rolling around the eyes! (Rule of thumb is 10 strokes per facial area. And ALWAYS roll upward and outward!)

2. Nurse Jamie’s purple wand ($69) is like a facial in a stick! It depuffs and helps with in-flight congestion. The dome shaped tip is made to roll around the brow bone.

3. My trusty old jade roller ($9) I’ve used for years and years. This is your starter roller if you are new at skin rolling. Jade rollers increase circulation to give skin a healthy flushed appearance, promotes overall tightening of skin, plus it just feels so good!

Pro-Tip: Apply La Creme Beauté Organic Bee Venom Beauty Boost ($190) before rolling. It provides a layer of protection from the dry air and rolling will help it absorb into the skin better! I am completely obsessed with this product and have given it to many friends!

HOURLY: Drink water every hour to stay hydrated. I also spritz my face with TatchaLuminous Dewy Skin Mist ($48) hourly. It’s made of silk extracts and oils to help skin retain moisture. I’m obsessed with this- unlike other face spritzers that contain only water, the oils make it extra moisturizing. The best one on the market!

An hour before de-planing: I always throw on a sheet mask towards the end of flight to give skin extra luminosity. Current sheet mask favorite ($25) is also from Tatcha.

Landing in Hong Kong after 16.5 hours!

Stiff neck issues? My Gua Sha stone ($15) releases tension in my neck and shoulders and is a great self massage tool for calves. I scrape it against the backsides of my neck, shoulders and wherever I can reach on my back.

I also wear compression socks on long flights, it keeps my ankles from swelling, increases circulation and avoids clotting.

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